SWAG Headcollar - fitting and usage

We have found this head collar really easy to use and all of our dogs are happy to wear them. Here are some starting instructions just in case!
  1. When fitting the SWAG head collar for the first time, lengthen the strap at the back to its longest point. (top photo 1)
  2. Hold SWAG head collar as shown in Photo 2.
  3. Place the SWAG head collar over your dog’s head. The black strap should now be at the back of your dog’s head and the fleece-lined part should be round your dog’s muzzle. Photo 3
  4. Tighten the black strap so that the SWAG head collar fits comfortably and snug. It should be tight enough that it won’t come off, but should also be able to loosen when the tension is slack.
  5. Please remember to give your dog time to adjust to their new SWAG head collar. If your dog is not used to this type of product remember to reward them for standing calmly with it on, many people find it helps to place them on their dogs in the house/while feeding them etc so that the dog learns to associate the product with a reward.
As standard the SWAG Head collar is available in 3 sizes –
  • Small – 55cm (22″) to 68 cm (27″)
  • Medium – 65cm (26″) to 78 cm (31″)
  • Large – 75cm (30″) to 88 cm (35″)
To measure your dog for a head collar you will need either a soft tape measure or a piece of string. Starting from the back of your dogs neck run the tape around the neck under the ear, under and then around the dog’s muzzle and back to the starting point. If you have used a piece of string put it against a tape measure to find your size. Please see photos on the left.