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Giveaway time!

We are having a massive giveaway on our Facebook page, if you have not seen it the link is at the bottom of this page.

Here is a full list of the toys included in the giveaway, they will be supplied in the colours shown on the photo.

One (1) each of the following, these can all be seen on our website.

  1. Pocket Hol-ee Egg
  2. JW Hol-ee Egg 
  3. Sheepskin hoop + Ball
  4. Double-Tuff Rabbit
  5. Bungee Sheepskin Chaser Tug
  6. Bungee sheepskin Chaser Tug + Tennis Ball
  7. Bungee Sheepskin Chaser tug + Chuckit Ball
  8. Bungee Sheepskin Chaser tug + Hol-ee Ball
  9. Chuckit Fetch ball Small
  10. Chuckit Fetch ball Medium
  11. Pocket Rabbit + Ball
  12. Micro Mop
  13. Micro Mop+ Ball
  14. Pocket Micro Mop
  15. Pocket Micro Mop + Ball
  16. Micro Mop Bungee Chaser
  17. Micro Mop Hoop
  18. Pocket Udder
  19. Udder Mop
  20. Pocket Udder Mop
  21. Pocket Orbee Golf
  22. Pocket Fleece + Ball
  23. Chaser Rabbit
  24. Rabbit Bungee Bar
  25. Pocket Chuckit Ultra Ball
  26. Foody Fur
  27. Foody Fur + Ball
  28. Sheepskin Bar Tennis
  29. Sheepskin Bar Hol-ee
  30. Sheepskin Bar Chuckit
Please follow these entry rules that can also be seen on the original poster

  1. Like our Facebook page
  2. Like and Share the original post
  3. Comment on the post and let us know what you would do with all the toys!
Entries will close at 12(midday) on the 23rd of October.


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